Today I attended the Autumn Conference of the Specialist Interest Group In Software Testing (SIGIST).

The first thing to say is that I was disappointed that none of the speakers talked like a pirate. It was after all, International Talk Like A Pirate Day (How do pirates get fit? Aaaaarrrr, gym lad!)

The second thing that struck me was that the talks were all good on their subject matter, but most were reiterating what has been said in the past at developer conferences. That is to say, the general testing community is still in waterfall mode. Not literally, in terms of advocating that as a testing methodology, but in the sense it is playing catch-up in the wake of the developer community. Talks about agile adoption are a good example of this, in that most were aimed at testers with little or no agile experience; they were mainly about transitioning and comparing to traditional testing.

Having said that, agile was mentioned a lot, possibly by every speaker and referenced in every slide deck. So we’re getting there, just playing a little catch-up.