The article I am referring to in such glowing terms is called “Misconceptions about testing” by a guy called Huib Schoots, of whom I had not previous heard.

Huib wrote this in response to an article on the scrum alliance website Agile Methodology Is Not All About Exploratory Testing by Dele Oluwole. Not only has Huib made some very good points in response to that article, but in doing so he has bought together many other good articles and blog posts that form a useful and formidable reference resource. Some of the references I especially like are: Testing And Checking Refined by James Bach, which refines his colleague Michael Bolton’s blog post on Testing vs Checking (my previous “best article” before Huib’s one), the Little Black Book on Test Design by Rikard Edgren, plus the sections on using mind maps and the Agile Testing Quadrants.

Anyway, I urge you to read Huib’s article and bookmark for future reference. I can see myself frequently referring back to it.

Extract from “Misconceptions about testing” by Huib Schoots:

Misonceptions about testing